At Romo Forklift Tires we are willing to help you meet all of your needs!

forklift-tireWe offer new and used forklift tires, solid pneumatic, cushion press on, rubber, bobcat tires, on load wheels, crown/prime movers, rubber tracks, etc. We are glad to walk you through all the options.

As a team, we work hard to ensure every industrial and forklift tire is high-quality that you can depend on. We count on installation services; press on place, and mobile service for your convenience.20151127_124206

Because we are disposed to give you full-service, we have re-grooving available, loader and scrapper tires, polifill, to give your tires a second chance.20151127_110354

Give us a call or stop into our shop today, and we can help outfit your forklift with the best service, price, and quality in Southern California.